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the only Spielebar in the Dresdner Neustadt. We offer you a huge selection of over 400 Board-, dice -, and card games. Who does not know you? The old classic "Mensch ärgere dich nicht!", "Mau Mau" ... and the games of our current Generation, such as "taboo", "settlers", "Activity". With us there are for every game tastes – whether you are young or in the years to come.


Online reservations-please only make up to 24 hours prior to the reservation date. If you are looking for same-day reservations, so call us short
+49 (351) 33 93 956 at.

For reservations with more than 12 persons, the following applies:
Please give us a day's notice (by Email or by phone from 18 clock), how many people will you in the end really. For reservations of 12 people or more we ask, for each Person who appears to the reservation, 12, -€. The past has shown us, unfortunately, the we thought were great reservations of tables free that are ultimately not published yet. For us, that is very sad and also for other reservations, which we have to cancel this. So, quite simply, a day in advance to give as many of your friends tell you that for the evening.
Thank you for your understanding.

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